Who we are

When Adams Plastics began in Chicago in 1967, it primarily focused on PVC film for loose-leaf binders and specialty advertising. Soon, customers’ needs began to grow, and they looked to Adams Plastics for a solution. When the idea of recycling PVC film into new sell-able products came up, Adams Plastics welcomed the chance to adapt to the changing demands of their clientele. This provided a unique dual service for customers as a way to both sell their plastic material to be recycled and purchase recycled material back from Adams Plastics: a true closed-loop system. From there, the recycling division was born as the company continued to grow as a PVC film supplier for various industries.

Adams Plastics Today

Since, Adams Plastics has become a leader and expert in plastic film and recycling. Its PVC division is renowned for its services and customization, providing customers with high-quality plastics and recycling products. With an international supply base and a growing line of products, including imitation leathers and laminated vinyl, to name a few, Adams Plastics is committed to meeting the particular needs of its diverse customers.

Headquartered in Chicago, Adams Plastics’ primary buying and selling area is in the Midwest, but also expands throughout North America and overseas.

The company’s philosophy rests firmly in providing “more than you think,” a term coined by Adams Plastics’ customers themselves. The dedication to offering new and custom products, outstanding customer service, and acting as a trusted resource in the industry makes Adams Plastics the go-to for your vinyl film and recycling needs. Its expertise in the industry makes Adams Plastics your partner in plastics, ensuring your needs are met on your schedule.

Take a tour of our products and custom converting services our PVC film company offers. To get in touch to find out how Adams Plastics can help you, contact us today.