Product Applications

Adams Plastics has offered high-quality PVC film and laminating services since 1967. With our years of experience as a distributor of different products made from PVC recycling, we have served many other sectors. At the same time, we offer various laminating services that will meet the expectations of our numerous clients.

Our customers choose our products for many different purposes. And with our in-depth skills and expertise, we became an industry leader that many sectors rely on. We also have custom solutions, where we can design different PVC solutions according to your requirements and specifications.

Product Application Classifications

  • Enclosure, Curtain Window
    Examples of Enclosure, Curtain Window:
    - ATV Cab Enclosure
    - Golf Cart Enclosure
    - Clean Room Curtain
    - Tent Sidewall Window
    - Clear Party Tent Ceiling
    - Restaurant Patio Enclosure
    - Warehouse Divider Curtains
    - Weld Screen
  • Heat Sealed Vinyl Products
    Examples of Heat Sealed Vinyl Products:
    - Vinyl Pocket
    - Check Book Covers
    - Menu Cover
    - Medical Drainage Bag
    - Inflatable Pool Floats
    - Inflatable Mattress
    - Stadium Cushion
    - Business Card Book
  • Covers
    Examples of Covers:
    - Table Cover
    - Grill Cover
    - Bakery Rack Cover
    - Hot Tub Cover
    - Gym Floor Cover
    - Custom Table Cloth
    - Out Door Furniture Cover
    - Equipment Cover
  • Seating Upholstery
    Examples of Seating Upholstery:
    - Restaurant Booth
    - Bar Stool
    - Folding Chair
    - Massage Table
    - Medical Exam Table
    - Dental Chair/ Stool
    - Airport seating
    - Motorcycle Seating
  • Sewn Vinyl Products
    Examples of Sewn Vinyl Products:
    - Case Goods
    - Cometic Case
    - Clear Totes
    - Clear Back Packs
    - Bank Bags
    - Retail Packaging
    - Clear Duffel Bags
    - EMT Bag
  • Protective Padding Covers
    Examples of Protective Padding Covers:
    - Wall Padding
    - Folding Floor Mats
    - Goal Post Protective Padding
    - Tumbling Landing Mats
    - Indoor Play Parks
    - Trampoline Padding
    - Ski Lift Padding
    - Acoustical Sound Baffles

We sell plastic materials used for enclosures and curtains that many enterprises use. Plastic enclosures are used to protect the interior from outside elements. Furthermore, these are also chosen due to their noise reduction and temperature regulation features. They’re also a cost-effective solution that can prevent contaminants from entering, such as pests and pollution.

Examples of plastic enclosures and curtains applications:

  • Sidewall window for tents
  • Golf cart enclosures
  • Clear party tent ceilings
  • Weld screens
  • Warehouse dividers
  • Cleanroom curtains

Heat sealed vinyl is the process of combining two vinyl products to create a single product. This process creates a waterproof seal, preventing air, dust, and moisture passage. Heat sealed vinyl products are most commonly used in the finance and interior design industries.

Examples of heat sealed vinyl applications:

  • Checkbook covers
  • Business card books
  • Menu covers
  • Inflatable pool floats
  • Vinyl pockets
  • Medical drainage bags


PVC recycled seating upholstery is also available here at Adams Plastics. They are durable and flexible, allowing us to create different high-quality upholstery used to cover seats found in the food industry and more.

Examples of seating upholstery applications:

  • Bar stools
  • Massage tables
  • Folding chairs
  • Airport seating
  • Motorcycle seating
  • Massage tables


Sewn Vinyl Products

We also supply plastic materials for sewn vinyl products. You can use these for bags or pouches. Their strength makes them an excellent option for the various applications you desire.

Examples of sewn vinyl applications:

  • Clear duffle bags
  • EMT bags
  • Cosmetic cases
  • Clear backpacks
  • Retail packaging
  • Clear totes


Ideal for A Diverse Mix of Industries

Adams Plastics has been working closely with different businesses from various sectors. Our products are in-demand, especially with the evolving changes in the market today.

The industries we work with:

  • Transportation
  • Marine
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Food & beverage


Additional Industries Served


Plastic materials play an integral part in the automotive industry and can improve functionality, aesthetics, or durability. Car components often involve a large and complex assortment of plastics, such as PVC film and automotive fabric.


Marine-grade PVC is resistant to abrasion and may be coated to make it resistant to mildew, bacteria, and damage or fading from UV rays. Marine grade vinyl is durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures, exposure to direct sunlight, and moisture.

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We’re an industry-leading distributor of PVC film, laminates, imitation leather, and more. It’s our goal to become your trusted supplier that’s always one step ahead.

So if you have any concerns or questions regarding our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Or you can also request a quote, and we’ll find the best solutions to deliver the products you’ve been searching for.

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