Vinyl Leather for the Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, customer happiness is of the utmost importance. Providing the best service to achieve customer satisfaction means having the right tools at your disposal. Quality cannot take a backseat when it comes to luxury resort, cruise lines, restaurants, or other places customers go to treat themselves.

Adams Plastics can help you create the right atmosphere for your business, inviting customers to enjoy their surroundings while keeping them comfortable.

Vinyl leather, or imitation leather fabric, offers a wide variety of options for restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, theme parks and more in the hospitality, tourism and customer service industries.

Depending on your needs, Adams Plastics offers strong, lightweight, durable, or flexible PVC materials. Whether you’re looking for new tablecloths that are reusable and easily cleaned, updated upholstery for restaurant booths, or wall panels to spice up a space, we can meet the specific needs for any project.

Interested in what else Adams Plastics can do for you and your customers? Contact us today to see how our experienced staff can customize materials to address your unique hospitality needs on a budget and timeline that works for you, and see our product line here.

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