Marine Vinyl

Marine Grade PVC | Adams Plastics

When it comes to the water, boaters need to know that their tools and products are well-made and durable. Most importantly, boats, yachts, ships, and other watercrafts have to withstand the extremes of the sea. That means that marine-grade products need to provide the utmost resistance to weather and water to ensure the continuing integrity of the materials.

Marine vinyl for products like boat seating, hot tub covers, and tinted windows have the qualities to stand up to saltwater and other elements over metal or wood. Also, marine plastics are more lightweight and moisture resistant, which is essential for products exposed to water regularly.

Marine vinyl fabrics made from PVC are a major component in products such as prep tables, boat siding and seating. Adams Plastics can provide highly customizable marine vinyl on a timeframe that fits your schedule. Contact us to find out more about our vinyl fabric products and request a sample here.

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