Adams Plastics produces outstanding PVC films and other specialty materials utilized in numerous industries and applications. We also specialize in lamination services, a manufacturing technique commonly used in plastics to improve their strength and other properties. With our vast range of capabilities, we can deliver superior results that will enhance your bottom line.

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A Short Overview of Our Laminating Services

The materials produced through our lamination services are called laminates or laminated films. These are accomplished when two (a duplex) or three (a triplex) films or other materials are adhered or bonded together. It not only amplifies the product’s durability but also adds a glossy or matte finish that boosts its overall appearance.

Benefits of laminated films:

  • Increases the print’s lifespan
  • Laminates protect inks and designs
  • It offers an aesthetic appeal
  • May reduce expenses
  • Drive profits to your business

Regardless of your project’s complexity, our laminate services give you a massive advantage over competitors. Our team can achieve the outcomes you’re looking for while ensuring it adheres to your project’s specifications..

Common Applications of Film Lamination

Countless other sectors employ laminated films in their business and production process. Due to its versatility and resilience, laminates have become integral to many applications.

Some applications of laminated film include:

  • Art Industry: Greeting cards and artwork
  • Retail and food sectors: Packaging boxes, bags, and wraps
  • Paper industry: Book covers, magazines, and brochures
  • Corporate world: ID cards and business cards
  • Marketing: Displays, banners, and posters

Laminated film’s purpose and usefulness are wide and varied. Therefore, our laminating services will increase your product’s overall value while ensuring it remains long-lasting, durable, and attractive.

Features of Laminated Films

If you want to achieve a product that will exceed your expectations, its rich features are enough to satisfy you. These are:

  • Moisture and chemical resistance: One of the main features of laminated films is their ability to resist moisture and chemicals, so they can efficiently protect the product from harmful external elements.
  • Transparent: Consumers like to see a product before spending money, so packaging must be translucent while having the ability to protect the product from external harm.
  • Flexibility: A film’s flexibility is vital, especially regarding decorative elements. Fortunately, our lamination services allow you to enhance your product’s appearance.

Choose Adams Plastics for Quality Laminating Services

At Adams Plastics, we prioritize our client’s satisfaction by providing them with top-of-the-line laminating services. Cutting-edge equipment and technologies enables the production of excellent solutions that will drive success to your projects.

Contact us today to learn more about our print and laminate services. You can also request a quote, and we’ll develop a unique and cost-effective solution tailored to your needs!