Why Use PVC Film for Industrial Applications?

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PVC film—also referred to as vinyl film—is a thin thermoplastic film available in a variety of forms and finishes. Depending on the requirements and restrictions of the intended application, it can demonstrate rigidity or flexibility and feature a clear, colored, translucent, opaque, matte, or glossy finish. Due to its versatile nature, the material finds use […]

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All About Clear Vinyl

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Clear vinyl is a flexible and durable plastic material available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses (i.e., gauges). It is used for its transparent quality, which allows users to see through to the other side. The level of optical clarity may vary from one brand to the next and may worsen or improve […]

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Adams Plastics Featured in Recycling Today

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Our Recycling Division Makes the Headlines Adams Plastics was recently featured in Recycling Today’s article titled ‘Ditching the Metals’. The article discusses our newly added which aids in the removal of metals from the regrind. Access the full article here: recyclingtoday.com