Imitation Leather

For nearly a century, imitation leather has become one of the top materials for upholstery needs for industries related to marine, hospitality, automotive, furniture, and more. As a vinyl leather supplier, Adams Plastics offers imitation leather for a range of applications.

Maybe you need to update booths for a restaurant or renovate exam tables for a new healthcare practice. Perhaps your business is in need of durable covers for outdoor furniture, or it’s time to reupholster stools that haven’t stood up to wear and tear over the years. Imitation leather can easily meet your unique commercial needs and keep you within budget.

Imitation Leather

At Adams Plastics, our imitation leather is used for an array of products such as:

  • Spa and hot tub covers
  • Grill covers
  • Pool and billiard covers
  • Outdoor furniture and marine-grade covers
  • Bar stool covers
  • Western boots
  • Bank bags
  • Case goods
  • Food delivery bags

Other than its ability to meet the bottom line, imitation leather is durable and easy to clean, which aids in efficiency for restaurants, medical offices, the marine industry, or other places where quick cleanup is key. It also provides an ethical alternative to genuine leather, so customers that are opposed to animal byproducts can appreciate the high quality imitation without concern.

As a vinyl fabric supplier, we provide an array of quality imitation leather options. Contact us to learn more about our customizable imitation leather solutions, and click here to see our imitation leather product line and request a sample.

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