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Healthcare Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl, is an artificial material composed of gas or oil-based ethylene and salt-based chlorine. It offers many benefits that have made it a preferred material in the healthcare industry for several decades. PVC is a safe, recyclable, durable, and long-lasting material that is used for everything from hospital ceiling, flooring, and wall covering to healthcare drainage bags and other devices.

Benefits of PVC in Healthcare

PVC has a range of advantages over other materials that make it ideal for use in the healthcare industry. This safe, flexible, and strong material is impermeable to germs, provides single-use applications to reduce the spread of infection, and is easily cleaned and disinfected without compromising its durability. PVC is also inexpensive, which allows for more affordable healthcare.

Healthcare IndustryAnother benefit of PVC is its easy recyclability. Once a PVC product reaches the end of its life cycle, it can be ground up and melted to form new products. PVC can be transparent to allow for easy monitoring and measuring of fluids, making it an ideal material for blood bags, IV tubing, and healthcare drainage bags. Unlike other materials, PVC offers a diverse range of sterilization methods, including steam, ethylene oxide, or radiation, and it serves as a barrier to stop contamination and infection in a healthcare setting.


PVC is an essential material in healthcare. Many applications rely on healthcare grade vinyl for its efficiency, cost, and contamination prevention. Some common healthcare applications that use PVC include:

  • Urine Drainage Bags. The transparency of PVC allows healthcare professionals to measure and inspect urine samples while monitoring for signs of serious health conditions. PVC urine bags also provide hygienic urine disposal for patients unable to get up during operations and procedures.
  • IV Tubing. The flexibility and transparency of PVC makes it ideal for IV tubing. PVC IV tubing can be easily disinfected for reuse.
  • Healthcare Drainage Bags. Transparent PVC surgical drainage bags allow for easy monitoring of fluids while providing durable fluid containment without contamination.
  • Healthcare Upholstery. Vinyl fabric, or imitation leather, is used for doctor’s stools, exam tables, healthcare alert bags, and more.

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Vinyl products are crucial in helping healthcare professionals provide quality care while protecting the health of patients. PVC is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective material that is used for a variety of healthcare devices and equipment to reduce infections and maintain a sterile environment.

Adams Plastics delivers healthcare grade vinyl products to meet the growing demands of the healthcare industry. In addition to vinyl product sales, we also offer cost-effective recycling services for our vinyl products. Our expertise in PVC products has helped our Chicago-based business evolve for more than 50 years, supplying North American and international markets with PVC product solutions.

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