Weld Screen

If you’re looking for a durable, customizable material to create welding screens or curtains, then PVC weld tinted film is the perfect option. This industrial-grade product is incredibly durable and long-lasting. Still, it’s also soft and pliable enough to be heat-sealed, RF welded, or sewn into free-standing screens, curtains, or robot enclosures — making it suitable for many specialized needs.

At Adams Plastics, we specialize in crafting custom fabrics from our complete line of flexible vinyl film for different applications. These are used where protection from welding flash is necessary to create a safer work environment.

What is a welding screen?

Welding screens are a must-have item for any welding environment. They are an important safety feature designed to protect welders and other personnel from the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, spatter, sparks, and heat generated during welding. These typically consist of a PVC weld tinted film stretched across a steel frame.

The tint from the flexible vinyl film helps to reduce glare from the arc and prevents eye damage caused by UV radiation emitted during welding. The material also acts as a flame-retardant barrier that can help contain sparks and prevent fires in the workplace. With their heavy-duty frames, welding screens can offer extra protection against flying debris while allowing air to circulate freely around the work area.

In addition, they help maintain a comfortable working environment by blocking out light, noise, and other distractions. With suitable material for weld screens, welders can ensure they have the safety and comfort they need to focus on their work.

Choose Adams Plastics For The Best Quality Weld Screen Material

Adams Plastics provides the best quality weld screen material in various stock colors, with the added benefit of being translucent, allowing you to see what’s behind the screen without impeding visibility. Clear options are also available for non-welding applications.

All of our weld screen rolls comply with standards according to NFPA-701 and OSHA approval and are 14 mils thick, ensuring the best in quality and safety when working in welding fields. To get your high-quality weld screens from Adams Plastics that will meet all your needs and meet standards, contact us today. We look forward to helping you find solutions for your precise requirements.

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