The Benefits of Clear PVC Vinyl for Drainage Bags

PVC is a vinyl material built for durable products that fit the needs and requirements of a range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Coated fabrics production
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Healthcare and medical
  • Sport

In the medical and healthcare industries, drainage bags are commonly made from PVC due to its biocompatibility and durability.

Adams Plastics delivers clear PVC vinyl for medical applications to meet the growing demands of the industry. Keep reading to learn more about the types of drainage bags used in the medical industry and the benefits of choosing clear PVC vinyl from our company.

What Are Vinyl Drainage Bags?

Clear PVC Vinyl

Vinyl drainage bags are used throughout the medical field to hold urine and other fluids. Having versatile options and access to different types of vinyl drainage bags allows patients, caretakers, and medical staff to choose the best fit for different circumstances.

While larger bags are designed to last overnight or during daily shifts in a hospital, smaller mobile bags should generally be emptied two or three times a day. The bags themselves are built to last for a month with proper cleaning and care. They’re constructed from durable vinyl that’s easy to clean and inspect for problems.

What Are the Types of Drainage Bags?

Multiple different styles and sizes of drainage bags exist to give users as much flexibility and comfort as possible. A few of the most popular types of bags are vinyl urinary leg, bed drainage bags, and hospital/surgical drainage bags.


  • Leg Drainage Bag: These are built for daytime use and people who lead an active lifestyle. They can be comfortably concealed under skirts or pants while securely holding urine. Each bag pairs with elastic straps that hold the bag in place against a wearer’s low inner thigh. These bags are durable, but small for easier wear and concealment. They will need to be monitored and emptied more frequently.
  • Bedside Drainage Bag: These larger drainage bags are built to hang on a hook at the user’s bedside. They hold a greater volume of urine throughout the night.
  • Healthcare/Surgical Drainage Bag: These PVC bags are often used in surgical applications to hold fluids in a sterile environment and provide easy fluid level monitoring abilities to the surgical staff.

Why Use Vinyl for Drainage Bags?

Just like it’s important to choose the right design and style, it’s important to choose the best-fit material. Vinyl is tough, durable, and resistant to physical and chemical damage. Users can easily clean it without causing damage. The vinyl is also transparent, which allows users and caretakers to determine when it needs to be emptied, if urine is indicating signs of a greater health problem, or if the bag is developing mold. Vinyl is an excellent choice for mobile users, patients receiving at-home care, and patients who are restricted to hospital beds during surgeries and other treatments.

How Does a Drainage Bag Help a Patient?

Fluids accumulating at the wound site can negatively interfere with the wound’s ability to heal. Drainage bags are designed to help prevent this outcome. They may function by using the force of gravity, known as passive or gravity drains, or they could be connected to a larger system that creates suction to move the fluid into the bag or bottle, known as vacuum drains.

Aerosol drainage bags are a type of drainage bag that is specifically designed to prevent accumulated liquid and condensation from reaching patients’ airways during nebulizer treatment.

Additionally, patients who have a catheter installed in their bladder need a portable option for hygienically containing and disposing of urine throughout the day and night. Such drainage bags are a convenient option that users can discreetly wear on their person or hang nearby while still having little to no interruption to their day.

Lastly, surgical bags allow medical professionals to easily dispense vital medications and keep patients hydrated during procedures. These bags are intended to assist users with:

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Urinary retention
  • Fluid Buildup Prevention
  • Gentle Wound Drainage In Sensitive Tissue
  • Comfort during surgical procedures and other healthcare applications

Why Choose Adams Plastics for Your Vinyl Films and Clear PVC Vinyl

Clear PVC vinyl from Adams Plastics is a strong, flexible material that can be used to create discrete, conveniently shaped, and sized bags. The material is also cost-effective, mitigates the risk of infection, and can be used for single-use applications. Since sterilization is so important for medical devices, PVC is particularly useful because it can be cleaned and sterilized through radiation, the application of ethylene oxide, and steam cleaning.

Place Your Clear PVC Vinyl Order Today

Clear PVC vinyl is an easy choice for hygienic drainage bags for daytime, nighttime, and surgical use. Contact us at Adams Plastics today to request a quote and start your order.

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